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International collaborations

Thứ năm - 25/02/2016 17:59
School of Pharmacy cooperates closely with universities, institutes and companies from all over the world. Ever since the very beginning of its foundation, the School of Pharmacy has established strong partnerships with following universities and associations:
United States:
College of Pharmacy, and Department of Family Medicine. The University of Iowa
McWhorter School of Pharmacy, Samford University
Bertino Consulting. 3078 New Williamsburg Drive. Schenectady, NY   12303
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia
South Korea:
College of Pharmacy, Sookmyung Women’s Univesity (Seoul)

Graduate School of  Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Okayama University
Taipei Medical University (TMU)
Grenoble University.
Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy (AASP)
The Dean of our School is a member of Board of Director, AASP since 2014.
Asian Conference on Clinial Pharmacy (ACCP)
The School of Pharmacy, Haiphong University of Medicine and Pharmacy hosted the 13th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy in September 2013 (ACCP2013) with more than 1000 participants from 24 countries participated. The Dean of our School is the President of ACCP2015 (Bangkok, Thailand June 2015).

The main objectives of this cooperation are:

-  Exchange staffs and students

-  Joint research and activities

-  Staff and curriculum development

-  Exchange of information materials and research publications

Highlights and Facts:

·  In past years, many foreign scholars and experts have visited our school to give research lectures, teach advanced courses, or pursuit further collaborations.
·  International Collaborations created opportunities for faculty members to study and research in other countries.
·  The school has hosted the success of the 13th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy . The 4th Asian Association Schools of Pharmacy (AASP) Deans Forum will be held from 24th to 26th of June, 2016 at our School, and to promote cooperative advancement of pharmacy education and research among pharmacy schools in Asia.

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