Introduction of AHLA

Wednesday - 16/03/2016 17:09

     Health is not an option. It's about access, equity, and paying more attention where it's needed. EVERYONE deserves the equal opportunities to achieve the highest level of health.
        The Asian Health Literacy Association (AHLA), supported by more than 40 academic and professional institutions in more than 30 countries around the world, especially those in Asia and Europe, has been established in Geneva Switzerland since 2014 AHLA is a multinational non-governmental organization and is committed to promote health literacy, to study its impacts on healthcare systems, and to facilitate more effective health services across Asia by research, education, and policy perspective. The Association seeks to encourage dialog among researchers, officials, healthcare organizations, as well as experts in health and education, corporations, and media that can develop better interventions in health education and services.
       Vietnam is a fast developing country in Asia, the sustainability in development and health is critical. Health literacy is an effective way to improve healthcare quality and reduce health disparities between communities and societies. Strong partnerships between national health literacy programs allow all stakeholders to benefit from the best ideas in health from around the world. AHLA supports these initiatives and promotes health literacy in regional and global levels.
        In the General Assembly meeting of the 3rd AHLA in 2015, the AHLA supported the decision of the GA to organize the 4th AHLA annual conference in Vietnam in Nov 7th- 9th, 2016, to be supported by institutions in Vietnam, include Hanoi Medical University, Haiphong University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hanoi School of Public Health, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Viet Duc University Hospital, and Thu Duc Hospital. These Vietnam institutes have collaborated with AHLA in some scientific researches and conducted key workshops, as well as attending three international health literacy conference since 2013.

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